The ROCK - Uchwyt, imadło do broni, przestrzeliwanie, kalibracja

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Caldwell Rock BR Competition Front Shooting Rest will help you discover the true potential of your rifle and
ammunition. Fine elevation adjustments are made from a large-diameter rotating wheel that glides on a set of
ball bearings. Coarse elevation adjustments are made with a locking collar.
The Rock BR Competition Front Shooting Rest by Caldwell includes a free three-lobe synthetic bag that works
especially well for flat-bottomed forends.Every feature of this Caldwell shooting accessory is designed to help
you shoot more accurately. This is truly a rest that any shooter will appreciate.
• Coarse and fine elevation adjustments from 130-235 mm
• Windage adjustable
• Cradle adjusts to accomodate front bags from 165 -230 mm wide
• Cast iron base with 39 qcm footprint
• Stainless steel leveling feet
• Forend stop and bag tension are both adjustable
• Weighs 7,0 kg

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