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The Tipton® Compact Range Vise offers a completely new level of performance, securely holding the widest
array of guns possible while collapsing to fit in a range bag. The compact design is a convenient solution to
gun cleaning at the range.
The Compact Range Vise collapses to 11-1/4” and fully expands to 17-3/4”, making it easy to carry but
also fully functional when completely expanded. Six rubber feet provide the vise a very rigid, non-slip base.
Two non-marring forks protect your guns’ finish while holding them securely in place for cleaning, light
maintenance or as an extra set of hands. The Compact Range Vise is extremely durable and is made from
high quality, solvent-resistant nylon that will deliver years of lasting performance. Serious shooters know
keeping their guns clean is essential to performance, making the Compact Range Vise the perfect range

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